Polar Bear Content Danmark is here!

By | 05/12/2017

DanmarkDanish Website is being launched

Polar Bear Content launched in Denmark for the first time. Do not miss our new website Polarbearcontent.dk in Danish.

Polar Bear Content grows in rocket speed. Now Polar Bear Content Danmark (Denmark) is here. More and more people become interested in our amazing content writing and translation services.

High Pace Business Development

Just a few weeks ago, Polar Bear Content Norge (Norway) came in Norwegian. Now comes Polar Bear Content Danmark. A brand new website for those who want to read more about our services “in Danish”.

The idea of ​​Polar Bear Danmark website is to be more available to our Danish customers. We think it’s important that you get to know information about what we do in your native language.

All services available at Polarbearcontent.dk

Polar Bear Content Danmark will offer all the services offered from the international website. Content writing and translations in four Nordic languages. Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.

All content writers and translators at Polar Bear Content Danmark have their working language as a native language and / or relevant higher education.

Also via the Danish website, we will primarily focus on iGaming-related services. That’s what we are best at!

More is coming!

During the autumn 2017, Polar Bear Content has launched sevaral local websites. Swedish, Norwegian and now also Danish.  But a Finnish website is scheduled to be launched before the turn of the year. Then we will cover the whole Nordic region!

Visit Polar Bear Content Denmark here.

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