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We specialize in the iGaming industry and the iGaming content writing. We are located in Malta which is the heart of the industry. From here we offer our clients excellent services, worldwide. We will always help you out whenever you need us. The amazing content writers will always be here for you. High quality, fast delivery and a fair price are the things that are promised.

Our content writers are experienced in iGaming. Either by working in the iGaming industry or as freelancers.


Polar Bear Content offers you a personal content writer and translator to do iGaming content writing in four Nordic languages – Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Translations are also made from English and vice versa. And between the four languages themselves, and vice versa.

Our content writers are native in their language. i.e. Swedish content writing is only performed by native Swedish content writers.

Content Writing and Translations

We provide various content writing and translation services. Fantastic articles and amazing blog posts. The best editing and stunning proofreading. Exciting newsletters and interesting email marketing. Our experienced WordPress and social media skills are available whenever you need it.

You will always get the very best of us. Polar Bear Content doesn’t deny anyone anything which lies within its field. There are no minimum orders and we don’t deny small clients who can’t afford large orders. Instead, we offer you a fantastic service. Our company culture is to offer clients the very best they can get!

iGaming contentOur iGaming Content Writing Services

It is possible for you to order content to be published. And the content to be easily readable, i.e. excellent written content to be used in any website, social media or other platform. Or a translation with limited grammar check, i.e. to be used within the organization of your company.

Why hire Polar Bear Content?

  • You get your personal content writer and translator
  • All services accessible in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.
  • Experts specialized in iGaming.
  • No minimum or maximum orders
  • Accessible worldwide. 100% online business.
  • Choose between excellent or readable content

Get the Service

Hiring us for a job only takes a few steps:

  1. Send us an email telling us what you need and your deadline.
  2. We respond with a quote and answer any questions you might have.
  3. You agree to our quote.
  4. We go to work on your project.

We will perform excellent work for clients from anywhere in the world in no time. No matter how quickly you need it done. We can provide high quality content to you quickly. Easily done through our 100% online services.


Polar Bear Content Ltd. was founded in 2017. The Swedish journalist and entrepreneur Rasmus Orsén took the first step to make the company a success, both locally and abroad, in September the same year. The company has become a huge success after we contracted our first international client that same year.