Press Release: Higher salaries in Malta

By | 04/10/2017

Higher salaries in Malta: Raise to content writers

Malta, October 4, 2017– Salaries has always been low in Malta. But the content writing services startup Polar Bear Content LTD will pay freelance content writers in Nordic languages more than twice the salary of the competitors.

 “We care for our freelancers. It is important they can do a good job. When they are happy with us, we are happy with them. When so, our customers are happy with our delivery. We simply bet on high quality content writing. Customers will need professional content when approaching the market” 

-Rasmus Orsén, Director of Polar Bear Content LTD

Polar Bear Content has, in less than a year, grown exponentially with customers in Malta and worldwide. Abroad, most customers are found in Scandinavia.

The minimum wage in Malta is €169.76 per week. Content writers are paid per written word. Competitors pay €0.01 per word to freelancers; Polar Bear Content pay more than twice that salary.

Still, Polar Bear Content is not expensive to hire. Polar Bear Content has lower rates, compared to competitors, and no minimum orders. We care for our clients and our content writers, instead of making unreasonable profits.

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If you would like more information, please contact Rasmus Orsén at

+356 77772735,

Higher salaries in Malta: Pdf version.

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